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Update: Sadly, we are no longer the largest known rasterbation. Someone decided to out-nerd us, but we will strike back hard with guns and explosives at the appropriate moment.

Slaves working #1

We are listed as the second largest known rasterbation at the Homokaasu rasterbation page (discussion thread here), which is the holy grail of rasterbations :) We have also been featured on DigitalLifeTV! Check out Ep. 55 at this page. A big thanks to the guys at DLTV for an excellent piece.



Who is behind all this?

Slaves working #2

The idea was concieved by me (Nichotin) and bakkus at TG05, when we made two small rasterbations with 100 sheets of paper (approx. 3x2 metres). After the huge success, and TG security making us tear down the page with goatse, we decided we wanted to try to break the 352 sheet record set by the former largest known rasterbation. Initially we wanted to create one with 30x30 (900) sheets of A4 paper, but after we realized that we had way too much resources, we decided to bump the number of pages to 35x35 (1225) sheets of paper.


Our nice red thirts
  • We spent approximately 10 hours printing, counting and verifying that we had the correct numbers of sheets.
  • We were about 30 people, all in nice red t-shirts, who spent our Friday in one end of the hall restacking and taping the rasterbation. We were at it from 13:00 on Friday to 02:00 on Saturday.
  • The rasterbation is the largest known.
  • It is made of 1225 sheets of A4 paper.
  • Our rasterbation is 7.35 metres (24.11 ft) wide, and 10.39 metres (34.08 ft) high.
  • We spent several rolls of tape, approximately 700 metres (2297 ft) of tape in total (34 x side one + 34 x side two + extra tape used).

Who made this possible?

Our source image

A very special thanks to:

  • The doomtech.net rasterbation crew made of members from Norsk Freakforum (we do other things than drugs and pyrotechnics, seriously). Without these nice people, we would never have had manpower to do the taping.
  • Nichotin, bakkus for being fascist coordinators holding the carrot and the stick at all times. Also thanks to devine and Lord_Kami for helping out on the print job.
  • The TG06 Crew. Without their help, we would have had big problems finding tape, and space to create this thing. In the TG06 crew, we have to mention names like Kim AndrĂ© Thoresen (who cashed out to get us tape), Vegard Skjefstad and John Morten Malerbakken. If I have forgotten any names in all the hurry, please notify me :)
  • Thomas from Blizzard Norway. Very helpful and nice guy, he made sure our motive was appropriate, while being our sponsor contact. Enjoy "Leeeeroy!".
  • JRP, for letting us use his picture for this project.


The fellow himself

What is this Leroy-thing? This part is from our sponsor, to serve the WoW players among the crowd their favorite internal humour thingie. There is a video here, for those that wonder what this is all about.

Please try to beat us...

Bakkus and Nicho working hard

... if you can :)
Such a huge project requires a lot of logistics and coordination, plus, it needs quite an amount of paper, laser printer equipment and people. All in all, I would say it was a fun project, which really bonded many of us members from Norsk Freakforum.

Cheers, Nichotin.

"Oh shi...."
Most of these people worked together to bring us this fantastic rasterbation.
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